Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Baby Shower

Brandy, my youngest sister, had her first baby shower this weekend. She got so many cute things!! She is going to have to change him every 1/2 hour just so he will be able to wear everything that he got!!

The baby is due in about 10 weeks and I can't wait!! Locke's family is just as excited as we are so that means we are going to have to share this baby! I have never had to share one of my nephews before so this is going to be a big adjustment on my part. As well as the fact that Brandy and Locke live in Baton Rouge! I am trying to convince her to let us have him during the week and they can have him on the weekend......it's not working though! There is also the dilema of naming the baby. Locke wants to name him Flipp, but Brandy is not going for that.....so for now, we call him Stuie!

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Stephenie said...

COMPLETELY understand the "issues" with sharing a baby...we are TRYING to get ready for that ourselves right now. Chris and Stephanie's baby is due at Thanksgiving and we are so excited!