Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where does the time go?

The two weeks that Willie is home just flies by! I can't believe he has gone back to work already. We try to cram so much into those two weeks that it gets a little crazy around here! We went to Pearl and saw "The Clone Wars". We had a birthday supper for Poppa (my dad's dad). He turned 77 on the 13th and most of the family was able to meet at Michael's and celebrate with him. Sebastian had friends over and they swam and played "Rock Band" all weekend. And somewhere amongst all that, Willie cooked some wonderful meals!

We also started Financial Peace at church......which means we worked on the budget, cancelled our credit cards, and had a plasectomy (meaning we cut up the cards after we cancelled them). We learned that I am the "nerd" and Willie is the "free-spirit". Who would've thought that, hugh? Now we just have to figure out how we are going to budget for Star Wars stuff and still become debt free! We can do it! It will just take a little compromising. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yeah! We have lights! They finally came back on last night. I am one of those who doesn't fare too well with no electricity. It wouldn't have been AS bad except for the fact that my house was the only house on our street WITHOUT electricity. The rest of the street didn't lose lights. I guess my line feeds in from the back of the house and is connected to the school. I was definitely being tested in the "patience department". I made it through though and am very thankful for air conditioning.

I hope everyone else fared well through the storm. We have some clean-up around the yard, but nothing major. My prayers were answered in that our guest house didn't flood! Willie has been working on a drainage system behind it and apparently it works GREAT! I was so scared with all the rain that it was going to flood again....but God is good.