Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Disney World Trip

Willie and Sebastian on the plane

Landon peeping around from his seat on the plane

Ayden preparing for takeoff


Ayden and a Clone Trooper

Finally!! Me, Willie, Sebastian, Laura, Michael, Landon and Ayden are on our vacation to Disney World! This trip has been in the works for a year now! Brandy and Locke were supposed to come with us too, but about 2 weeks after I booked the rooms, Brandy found out she was pregnant with her first baby and since she is due the first part of December, her doctor wouldn't let her travel with us. That just means we will have to come again when Stuie is big enough! I am attaching a couple of pictures from yesterday and today. Haven't taken many yet. Hopefully I will have more to post tomorrow!

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Beth Larkin said...

I KNOW that you had a "great" time girl! Glad you had good traveling grace! I absolutely lloovveedd Disney World! :-)