Sunday, June 28, 2009


We had a great vacation!  We took Landon with us to Gatlinburg and stayed 8 days.  We went to Dollywood, Parrot Mountain, WonderWorks, played Hillbilly golf, LazerTag, went to the  indoor water park at the resort, shopped a little…….  I didn’t get up before 10:30 any day we were gone.
The boys loved Parrot Mountain.  They got to hold and feed the birds.  Landon wanted to buy a Pocket Parrot to bring home to his Mom.  We told him that we didn’t think it would like the 10 hour drive home.  He said he would ask them if they had one that wouldn’t get carsick! :)

We stopped in Knoxville on the way home and ate at Calhoun’s on the River.  Willie passes it on the boat and he says the food always smells so good.  Every time we go to Gatlinburg he says he wants to stop and eat there sometime.  The Sunday that we came home was our 13th anniversary so we planed our departure so that we would go through Knoxville at lunch so we could stop and eat.  I think the taste lived up to the smell!  The food was wonderful!  After we ate, we took a stroll down the Riverwalk.  It was beautiful.  They had these waterfalls along the walk and the boys played behind them. 
I was able to take two weeks off so the next week was spent relaxing in the pool at home.   I think I enjoyed that week more than the week in Gatlinburg.  It was nice to wake up and do whatever I wanted to (which mostly amounted to doing NOTHING!)
Sebastian has finished baseball and tennis so our Saturdays are back to normal now.  Things should be calm until mid-July when theatre camp starts.  Sebastian will have that for two weeks and then he is off to CentriKids.  We are also having Bible School the first week of theatre camp.  We will see if we can manage to fit that in our schedule too!

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