Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yeah! We have lights! They finally came back on last night. I am one of those who doesn't fare too well with no electricity. It wouldn't have been AS bad except for the fact that my house was the only house on our street WITHOUT electricity. The rest of the street didn't lose lights. I guess my line feeds in from the back of the house and is connected to the school. I was definitely being tested in the "patience department". I made it through though and am very thankful for air conditioning.

I hope everyone else fared well through the storm. We have some clean-up around the yard, but nothing major. My prayers were answered in that our guest house didn't flood! Willie has been working on a drainage system behind it and apparently it works GREAT! I was so scared with all the rain that it was going to flood again....but God is good.

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Beth Larkin said...

God is Good girl! I think he gives us those times of uncertainty and test of patience to see what we are made of! I sure fail my tests at times. I am glad it is over too and thankful that we didn't see any more than we did. love, Beth